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Independent Statesmen Party
Statesmanship: The art of changing a nation from what it is to what it ought to be
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   Mission Vision

Mission Vision
Through our remaining years of this century, we should be preparing our students for the society which should be, not for the society that is. This process, we shall call Futuring. To ensure that we restore our Constitutional Republic, our Constitutional Law, and all Sovereign States rights, liberties, and properties rightfully belonging to We the People and these several United States of America. In addition, we must rely upon our parents, educators, and social scientists in the field to recommend how these should be taught. We can no longer rely upon business or industry to determine what skills and knowledge will be needed in the next generations. That education should be left to business, industry, and higher education than grades K-12th. The K-12th educational system today teaches collective body politic, not individual creative thinking.
--Bill Nees  
The Mission of Independent Statesmen is to enable and inspire our diverse national body to achieve academic excellence and make positive contributions to our nation and to our world.
We The People are curious and creative learners who succeed through personal initiative and sustained effort to reach high academic goals. We are critical thinkers who seek knowledge and possess technological competence and collaborative skills. We embrace diversity, act responsibly, and contribute to our community. Independent Statesmen are committed to furthering the ideals of constitutional leadership among citizens of the United States of America.
Independent Statesmen believe that all people can meet or exceed rigorous academic standards. Together we will form a rich professional learning experience where all are supported to hone our professional craft and improve our effectiveness. Through the examination of our instructional practices and data, we adjust our teaching and operational systems, to improve continuously. We are responsible in the stewardship of our fiscal resources, fair, and equitable in their distribution.
We believe our Families and Community are integral to the success of our future generations. Families who actively, engage and welcome partners to give valued input and participate in making important decisions about our academic, economic, and governmental programs. Our diverse community is passionate about equitable educational outcomes for all humanity. Our civic and community organizations collaborate with us to promote family engagement and the well being and success of our communities.
Independent Statesmen believe our communities are vital learning centers of life enriched by the diversity welcoming to all families. Each community offers engaging and culturally relevant curriculum that builds on interests and abilities, and community needs, as identified by regular assessment, inform our leaders and guides of appropriate and effective services. We will offer an enriched learning environment and a comprehensive system of supports to address the needs of the whole community.
We should earn each other's respect and not demand that respect, we should act with integrity. Our citizens are our priority and we take pride in our diversity. We hold high expectations for our community and ourselves.
Through its emphasis on responsible citizenship through back to the basics learning in politics, government and law. Our involvement in national education and promotion of study programs to further the Independent Statesmen constitutional awareness. Independent Statesmen will create initiatives, such as Internship in local state and federal government Programs, professional journalism, philosophy and politics and create a mock trial team, to contribute to the excellence and unique distinction of The Constitution of The United States of America.
Knowledge:  What Independent Statesmen will know
  • The major theories, concepts and methods of political analysis empirical, normative and policy oriented.
  • Important aspects of history, politics, culture and society that will enable him / her to function effectively as a citizen and as a professional.
Values:  What Independent Statesmen will value
  • Scholarship What Independent Statesmen will strive to fully develop their intellectual potential.
  • Leadership Independent Statesmen will develop their potential to lead others in business, community organizations and government.
  • Citizenship Independent Statesmen will be informed and involved in matters of public concern both locally, and nationally.
Skills:  Ability and Accountability
  • Independent Statesmen will be able to exercise critical judgment, analyze and synthesize relevant information and construct reasoned argument (Debate).
  • Independent Statesmen will be able to communicate effectively and fluently in speech and in writing.
  • Independent Statesmen will be able to apply concepts, theories and methods used in the study of politics to political ideas, institutions and practices.
  • Independent Statesmen will be able to conduct independent original research, demonstrating the ability to gather, organize and present evidence, data and information from a variety of primary and secondary sources.
  • Independent Statesmen will be able to work effectively with others in developing, advancing and implementing solutions to problems.
  • Independent Statesmen are committed to excellence in teaching, mentoring, and by offering opportunities for independent research, and promote political science discipline, civic participation and leadership.

Independent Statesmen - Preserving and Protecting the Constitution of the United States of America
To unite the independent votes, the silent majority, grassroots organizations, and other patriots and lovers of liberty under one umbrella,
while keeping our separate identities, standing united as sovereign People. A Platform you can get onboard with!

"We must learn to translate our platform policy into action of "We The People", to be good at getting not only the leaders but also the listener to understand and master every movement and every struggle we launch, this is the art of Natural Law in leadership. It is also the dividing line that determines whether or not we learn from our mistakes in daily life." --Bill Nees 2010
"We will be Ever Vigilant in the defense of our Republic, Constitution, Precepts and Ideals set forth by our Country's Founding Fathers through Education, Knowledge and Wisdom guided by Liberty, Honesty and Equality so help us God." --David Ion 2009
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Campaign, our Mission, our Beliefs, or just Good All American Citizenship.
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